Frequently asked questions

AYA Fintech is a modern current account that is much more convenient than a traditional current account. We’re simplifying the payment system and revolutionizing the way money works for small business owners by providing future proof services and automation tools, that allow individuals and small businesses to achieve greater value and productivity.

We provide an innovative AI-powered financial planner which gives you all the essential information you need for fast and easy decision-making.

AYA Fintech is a smart Platform and gets smarter with time.

We’re proud to support innovative businesses and entrepreneurs. We make opening an account with us seamless and it’s completely digital. You can open your account right from your laptop or mobile phone without needing to visit any physical branch.

Absolutely. Your AYA Fintech account comes with a UK account and an Euro IBAN and other amazing features. You can pay and receive funds to and from any country in any currency, benefiting from extremely low fees.

We offer only competitive rates with no hidden commissions. No more nasty surprises while handling your funds. Enjoy 0.6% exchange rate for your transactions anywhere in the world.

Your money is safe with us. All funds are held in a segregated account which we don’t have access to and can be accessed for transactions at any time.

It’s like a debit card but it is loaded to a predefined amount and can be re-loaded as and when required.
You will only be able to make purchases with the card when there are sufficient funds on your direct payments prepaid card and you will not be able to spend more than this amount.
The prepaid card works just like any other bank debit card.

In this case, your purchase will be declined. You will have to wait until your card is reloaded.

If you have a query about the card itself or you have an unknown transaction on your card account or a transaction has been declined but you still have funds on your card account then please email the customer services team on support@ayafintech.com